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Top 10 Virtual Retreat Ideas for the Workplace

Now is the perfect time to start considering planning your 2022 virtual retreat ideas for your employees. A virtual retreat is a great way to help your virtual team interact and connect online. Depending on your overall goal in mind, a virtual retreat can come in several shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to plan a virtual escape from the hectic workday or gather the team to connect for a non-work-related touch base, virtual retreats are great for helping with company morale and team bonding.

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Top 10 Icebreakers for a Large Group

Icebreakers are a great way to foster connections with large groups in the workplace. Whether you are putting new hires through their first week of orientation or looking to connect virtual employees with their colleagues, icebreakers can alleviate any awkward tension and help the group get to know each other quicker.

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Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas for Small and Large Teams

If you have a remote-based team, you may start to run into some challenges keeping employees' spirits high and ensuring that everyone is comfortable and happy with their teammates. Even though we often spend more than eight hours a day working with our team, it can be hard to connect with them on a more personal level when things get busy. Scheduling quarterly or monthly virtual employee engagement events is an effective solution that can show your company values team building and encourages connections among team members.

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Top-20 Icebreaker Jokes and Other (Better) Ways to Break The Ice

Grab your microphone and get the crowd ready, because these icebreaker jokes are sure to get some laughs (disclosure: some of them may be at you). It can be hard to get to know people, especially co-workers and members of your team, without breaking the ice a little first. You can try out some of these cheesy jokes to see if they’ll crack a smile. If not, keep reading to find some other, better ways to break the ice that don’t require you being a stand-up comedian.

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