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The Best Virtual Olympics Ideas for the Office

Office Olympics are a lot like the real Olympics; however, we like to think it can be a lot more competitive! With the right virtual experiences and games, you can test your virtual team’s collaborative spirit, get them in a competitive mindset, and put their skills to the test. Best of all, office Olympics encourages your team members to socialize and bond as a team.

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Top 10 Virtual Retreat Ideas for the Workplace

Now is the perfect time to start considering planning your 2022 virtual retreat ideas for your employees. A virtual retreat is a great way to help your virtual team interact and connect online. Depending on your overall goal in mind, a virtual retreat can come in several shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to plan a virtual escape from the hectic workday or gather the team to connect for a non-work-related touch base, virtual retreats are great for helping with company morale and team bonding.

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