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10 Best Virtual Happy Hours

After a long week or a super busy month at work, everyone deserves a drink! When you worked in person in an office, you probably went out to happy hour with your team members frequently. It may have even been an ongoing tradition in the workplace that everyone looked forward to every week or month. We’re here to let you know that virtual happy hours can have just as many perks as an in-person happy hour does.

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5 Client Engagement Events That'll Make People Say "Wow!"

Who made the rule that client events had to be boring? And always center around sales? Because let’s be honest, a lot of them are. It’s time for a change, time to forget the old, done to death event activities and forge a new path towards making client engagement events fun again. Remember, you can’t spell function without FUN! To help you out with some ideas for your next client event, here’s a list of five fun and engaging client activities you can wow your customers with this year and beyond. 

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